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OK Play is your free guide to building your child’s empathy, kindness and creativity

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Guided Play, Every Day

Each day you get new activities that are easy to follow and designed to help you grow together. All you have to do is play.

Be creative

Create Magical Videos

Each activity results in a video that captures a special moment with your child. You can share it with family and friends and store it in our Moments section to enjoy again and again.

Grow together

Curated By Experts

Weekly themed programs, designed by artists, educators, and leading scientists, help you navigate the ups and downs of family life and build your child’s empathy, kindness, and creativity.

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Children will practice different ways to show kindness to themselves and others through art, cooking, and giving.


Sing out your grumps, bake an imaginary cake, and throw an Angry Parade while learning how to manage difficult emotions.

With Others

Settle a pizza dispute and join a “Don’t Laugh Workout” as you explore how to communicate, problem solve, and share joy with others.

Seeing Things
In New Ways

Children will be challenged to think flexibly as they use everyday sounds to make a song and everyday objects to make incredible inventions.

My Emotions

Children will be interviewed for a news report about their feelings and go on an emotion-filled Space Mission to practice checking in on their emotions.

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Grow together though play, every day

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My son absolutely loves this app! He’s constantly wanting to play with it. It gets you moving and bonding together while learning to explore feelings. He’s been a lot kinder to his brother and has a better understanding of what he does that is mean. .

Jamie, Parent of a 3 year old

There are so many activities for your child to play, learn and enjoy. They will never get bored and you will have some peace. My daughters have learned about emotions, creating their own stories and more. This app has had us playing together, being silly and wishing the time wouldn’t end.

Tenesha, Parent of a 3 and 6 year old

One of my challenges is how to make play meaningful and intentional, but at the end of the day I am just too tired to research activities. The app was like a breath of fresh air because it gave me things to do with him without a screen (and with a screen too). I would recommend it to friends because it’s not mindless screen time.

Mariana, Parent of a 3 year old

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